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Own Designer

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Fort Myers, Fl 33901

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Put The Rosal Group experience and integrity to work for you

Integrity along with over 40 years of experience is what places The Rosal Group at the top of the home remodeling industry. Our remodeling team has the knowledge and experience to make your home design dreams a reality.


We operate our business with the following philosophies always in mind:

  • Professionalism

We will undertake all our business and relationships in a professional manner, treating all our customers with respect at all times.


  • Integrity

You won’t get false promises, just solid honest advice and a commitment to deliver the most suitable equipments, interior and exterior designs for your needs.


  • Passion and solid relationships with our customers

We love what we do; we are driven by a desire to produce excellent service, work and all successful interior and exterior designs. Planning and building is the easiest part, it is on arrival of your first visit to our website that the real process begins. We want to be there with you.


  • Patience

Not everyone is an interior and exterior designer expert, that’s why you are looking for one, right? We understand this and are committed to guiding you through the process one step at a time.


  • Attention to detail

Creativity and passion are important, but someone has to sort out the finer details. We have that covered; some people find it disconcerting how meticulous we can be.

We will always appreciate that you choose our company to be your first choice at the moment to decide between thousands of companies, which offer similar service but never the same care and friendship we offer to our customers.

You’ll always be treated like family when you choose The Rosal Group for your home remodeling needs.


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